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Dav Ero is an American recording artist that produces an extraordinary array of music from Rock, Folk, Folk-Rock, 50s Rock, Goth Jazz, Swing Jazz, Novelty Tunes, Pop, Jazz Noir, Calypso, Jamaican, and romantic piano pieces, vampire duets. A talented self taught musician Dav Ero was creating romantic instrumentals from scratch at young age, starting his pursue of music in the 1965. Dav Ero was born in South Bend, Indiana but spent his childhood in Michigan, Ohio, and eventually settling in historic hometown of Hemingway because his father was a big fan of Hemingway. Dav published his first 45 album titled "Charolette" in December of 1975 and followed up with an EP titled "Generic Roc". Dav has created hundreds of songs and collaborrated with countless musicans. Dav Ero is a prize winning published photographer, screenwriter, and fine artist.

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